Class Descriptions
Which class is for me?



Gentle Hatha Flow
Be guided through a sequence of yoga poses to release tension, stimulate the flow of prana, (energy), develop strength and balance.  You will be given specific guidance on pose and breath techniques to support and deepen your experience.  The class includes a strong focus on mindfulness to cultivate a clear and focused mind. You will leave feeling refreshed and revitalized and fully present. All levels welcome.

Restorative Yoga
Be guided into deeply restful poses, stimulating the relaxation response and the body’s natural healing.  While comfortably resting your body is boosting its immune system, releasing tightness in muscles and joints, repairing damaged tissue, balancing the nervous system, balancing brain function, reducing anxiety and mental stress. This class is an excellent and important addition to an active, demanding life.  It is also of great benefit for anyone experiencing injury or illness. You will leave feeling deeply rested, calm, and rejuvenated.
All levels welcome.

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