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Restorative Yoga Level I
Teacher Training and Immersion
The Art of Deep Rest

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Yoga Alliance Certified

Yoga Alliance

This training offers a comprehensive understanding of restorative yoga principles, techniques, poses and practices.  Upon completion of the training, you will be fully prepared and certified to teach a restorative yoga class or offer a private restorative yoga session.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Level I is open to anyone wanting to understand and incorporate restorative practices into their work and/or personal lives including yoga students, body workers, physical therapists, nurses, and health professionals in the field of body-mind medicine and psychology.

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In this training you will:

Discover how this simple practice offers powerful personal transformation. You will gain a deep understanding of the science behind restorative yoga and the specific techniques and structures of the restorative yoga practice. 

You will learn the powerful art of restorative yoga; how to work with subtle energies to enhance or deepen each individual person’s experience, including restorative assists using therapeutic touch. You will experience how restorative yoga stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms, cultivates inner calm as well as a deep connection with Self.

Upon completion of the training, you will be ready to teach restorative yoga within a class setting or as a private, one-to-one 


The history and yoga lineage of Restorative Yoga

The autonomic nervous system; sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

Theory and application of the Relaxation Response

Neurological, psychological, physical, energetic effects of Restorative Yoga

Classic restorative yoga poses

How to skillfully use props for optimal support and rest

Restorative pranayama, meditation visualization techniques

Restorative assists; the art of therapeutic touch

The language of restorative yoga; choice of language to deepen the restorative experience

Develop specific skills of observation to understand and assist misalignments that inhibit deep relaxation

Optimizing the environment; classroom and studio set-up to support the restorative experience

Understand how to support special conditions including pregnancy and injury

Sequencing the restorative yoga practice

Integrating restorative yoga into hatha, power and yin style yoga classes

Practical experience working one-on-one with clients

Practical experience sequencing and teaching a restorative class

Testimonials from graduates

" Exceeded my expectations. The course material was very well integrated and woven into a beautiful tapestry. Most helpful for me was the detailed descriptions of each pose plus the hands-on experience". - A. Anderson

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Meet your teacher

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Yoga Alliance
International Association of Yoga Therapists
Yoga Alliance

Tianne's passion for health and well-being began in competitive sport. As a high performance athlete and coach for over 20 years, she learnt first-hand the rewards of training the body and mind. After a serious injury, she turned to yoga for rehabilitation and was surprised to discover that yoga not only offered everything she needed to physically strengthen and heal her body, it also offered the opportunity to cultivate a deeper connection and understanding of herself and of finding peace within the trauma.  The experience was so powerfully transformative, Tianne now devotes her time to teaching yoga and offering yoga therapy. She specializes in restorative yoga and restorative yoga therapeutics.

  •     Certified Yoga Teacher RYT500

  •     Certified Yoga Teacher Trainer ERYT500

  •     Registered Yoga Therapist

  •     Advanced Restorative Yoga Certification

  •     Certified Athletic Coach NCCP


I am profoundly grateful to my beautiful, amazing teachers, for graciously sharing their passion and deep wisdom, inspiring my teaching and my life

Infinite blessings,

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