Restorative Yoga is the art and science of deep relaxation.

 The practice of restorative yoga cultivates deep relaxation, a quieting of mind and a place of inner calm. It invites us to slow down and connect to our unique, authentic, inner experience. Within this deep, restful quiet we stimulate healing; restore, rebuild and rejuvenate the body.
Restorative yoga calms the stress response by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, the relaxation response in the body.Restorative yoga has many benefits; slowing heart rate, lowering blood pressure, increasing resistance to infection and supporting recovery and healing.

How can Restorative Yoga help?

Chronic Stress 

Long term chronic stress can be very damaging to our bodies. Stress is not something we can avoid and in fact our bodies are designed to deal with periodic stress. We run into trouble when we don't take time to relax and recuperate from stress. Restorative yoga both reduces stress levels and stimulates relaxation, recovery.


"It can be argued that stress is the number one killer in the Western world today. Stress fuels some of the biggest health problems of our time, including  type 2 diabetes, depression, osteoporosis, heart attacks and strokes as well as autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis."  -Dr. Timothy McCall, Yoga as Medicine


Illness and Injury
Restorative yoga is also very beneficial when we are experiencing illness and injury.  Restorative yoga stimulates the body's natural healing response. Dr. David Spiegel, author of "Living Beyond Limits," says that medicine is now learning that physical problems can be influenced by relaxation, especially as experienced in Restorative yoga.  


Studies have shown that deep relaxation, such as experienced in Restorative Yoga, has profound health benefits and
can help:


  • lower stress hormones

  • stimulate the body's natural healing response           Ÿ

  • lower blood pressure

  • help relieve chronic pain         

  • increase productivity

  • help alleviate sleep disorders      Ÿ

  • lower anxiety and irritability

  • enhance flexibility

  • balance the nervous system


With so many benefits what have you got to lose, (except stress, injuries, fatigue, anxiety).  Practice Restorative yoga to experience deep relaxation and rejuventation.















Relax.   Restore.   Rejuvenate. 


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