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Day 1 Deep Sleep Sampler
Can't sleep due to overthinking?
Try this practice to clear your mind

Day 2 Deep Sleep Sampler
Insomnia from chronic stress?
This practice is calming and relaxing

Day 3 Deep Sleep Sampler
Body tension, restlessness keeping you up?
Stress melts away, with these yoga poses 

Welcome to your journey o deep sleep!

BONUS- Receive the Radical Relaxation manual FREE

Deep relaxation


"Tianne does a beautiful job with allowing the learning to be experiential which allows for a wonderful integration of the information". Lisa P

"Thank you so much for being an inspirational, sincere, authentic teacher.  It was a pleasure to learn from you". Emma K.

Tianne’s deep sleep master class is a reflection of her dedication, knowledge, wisdom and passion. Tianne presents all the breathing, moving, meditation and visualization exercises clearly and at a perfect pace. She gives all the tools needed for a good sleep. The printable pre-workshop guide “a radical relaxation” is well organized, complete, clear, simple and a joy to look at. It’s the perfect tool to go back to after the master class. 

I feel lucky and privileged to have attended this class. Thank you Tianne! Marianne G.

Good bye insomnia.  Hello Sweet Dreams.
Get started now, for a great sleep tonight.

Join me!


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