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Yoga for Chronic Pain
Teacher Training

Therapeutic Yoga & Pain Science

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Senior Yoga Class

Yoga Alliance Certified

Yoga Alliance

This training provides an in-depth understanding of the latest pain science and therapeutic yoga techniques for people living with chronic pain. This comprehensive program covers pain science, yoga philosophy, therapeutic yoga, restorative yoga, therapeutic breath and meditation practices. Come away with a solid foundation in understanding pain science, the biopyschosocial model of pain and a deep understanding of the application of therapeutic yoga techniques and practices for people living with chronic pain.

PainCare Yoga teacher training is open to anyone wanting to understand and incorporate therapeutic practices for pain care into their work and/or personal lives including yoga teachers, body workers, physical therapists, nurses, and health professionals in the field of body-mind medicine and psychology.



Understand basic pain neurophysiology as well as key neuroplasticity changes related to pain

Learn how to guide students through fundamental pain care practices for safe movement 

Experience and learn how to teach therapeutic breath and meditation practices
specifically designed for pain care


Experience and learn how to teach therapeutic yoga poses including gentle
hatha and restorative yoga

Understand the vital difference  between gentle hatha and restorative yoga, 
related tothe mechanism of healing

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the lived experience of pain and its effect
on the brain, the body and the spirit


Apply the pain care principles and techniques through practical teaching

Receive a comprehensive training manual, including a list of resources for further
learning and support

No Prerequisite

Upon Completion
PainCare Yoga Certificate, 18 Yoga Alliance CEU credits

Testimonials from graduates

" Tianne is a wonderful, knowledgeable, experienced instructor with a beautiful presence.  I enjoyed the format; well-paced and very practical".

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