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Deep Sleep Masterclass

Welcome to the Deep Sleep Masterclass!


Are you struggling to get a good night's sleep?  This program has been designed to help you rest deeply, soundly and wake up refreshed, ready for the day.


Whether you can't get to sleep, wake-up during the night, or hit the snooze button too many times to count, this program will help you understand, target and overcome  your sleep issues. It is a comprehensive and practical training, ensuring you can easily apply all that you learn and experience right away. 

I will guide you through essential, proven practices that naturally ease you into a sound, restful sleep. Each session includes special breathing techniques, meditations, gentle movement and restorative yoga.  
These practices are easy to follow as I demonstrate each step, discuss the benefits, and give you options for adapting to your comfort and needs.


I am excited to share these practices that have helped so many of my clients and students go from long nights of tossing, turning and staring at the ceiling, to nights of blissfully deep rest.  Are you ready to sleep like a baby? Let's get started!

About Deep Sleep Masterclass
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This training gives you five  guided, 20 minute practices.  Each session targets a common sleep issue.

♡ Day 1: "I can't get to sleep because my mind is racing"
Discover how to quiet your mind
Includes the powerful 4-square breathing and  divinely relaxing Legs Up the Wall 


♡ Day 2- " My body is so tense, I feel restless"
Learn how to release stress and tension in your body
Includes the popular guided tense and release practice, plus special relaxation breath technique

♡ Day 3- "I'm feeling upset, anxious and can't sleep"
Cultivate an inner calm and ease.
Includes the beautiful heart-centered breathing and calming, restful child's pose

♡ Day 4- "I can't seem to settle, I toss and turn all night"
Learn how to feel grounded and centered, connect to your inner wisdom

Includes a personal centering meditation, a practiceto strengthen your intuition and a relaxation pose.

♡ Day 5- "I don't know why but I just can't sleep!"
Experience the most profoundly effective relaxation method for  ultimate deep rest and well-being.

Course Intro

Day 1
Quiet Your Mind

Day 2
Release Tension in Your Body

Day 3
Calm & Ease Emotional Stress

Day 4
Centre & Awaken Inner Wisdom

Day 5
Putting It All Together

*** 14 Day Money Back Guarantee


"Tianne does a beautiful job with allowing the learning to be experiential which allows for a wonderful integration of the information". Lisa P

"Thank you so much for being an inspirational, sincere, authentic teacher.  It was a pleasure to learn from you". Emma K.

Tianne’s deep sleep master class is a reflection of her dedication, knowledge, wisdom and passion. Tianne presents all the breathing, moving, meditation and visualization exercises clearly and at a perfect pace. She gives all the tools needed for a good sleep. The printable pre-workshop guide “a radical relaxation” is well organized, complete, clear, simple and a joy to look at. It’s the perfect tool to go back to after the master class. 

I feel lucky and privileged to have attended this class. Thank you Tianne! Marianne G.

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