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yoga for deep sleep

Deep Sleep Masterclass
5 powerful secrets to a good night's rest


Yoga with Tianne

Suffering from insomnia? 
Waking up and can't get back to sleep?
Daytime fatigue?

Happy Meditator

Join me to learn transformative practices that can help you to get to sleep fast,
enjoy a deep, restful sleep and w
ake-up feeling refreshed, ready for
a great day!


restorative yoga

With your program receive a FREE video of all the practices,
recorded in short,
20 minute sessions. These videos will continue to guide and support you, as you integrate these transformative practices into your life.

"Tianne does a beautiful job with allowing the learning to be experiential which allows for a wonderful integration of the information". Lisa P

Do you struggle with sleep?  You are not alone! 35% of the population has insomnia, with 55% of women having trouble falling asleep. Sleep problems increase with age.

Chronic lack of quality sleep can be damaging to your health, resulting in anxiety, weight gain, depression, weakened immunity, low sex drive, and chronic inflammation.

Say good-bye to sleep troubles! Learn the 5 powerful sleep secrets and experience 10 transformative practices you can easily incorporate into your life.
Deep, restful sleep is critical to vibrant health and well-being.
Join me to get your sleep and health on track today. 

You will experience:

Calming breath work to ease anxiety

Powerful meditations to clear your mind

Therapeutic yoga to release stress and tension

Sleep science and sleep hygiene to
optimize deep rest


Experience live, guided practices

Opportunity for questions, and feedback

Be part of a community; learn, share together!

No yoga or meditation experience needed

Restorative yoga
Somatic hatha yoga
mindfulness meditation
restorative yoga
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My beloved Dixie
Cypress Mountain, British Columbia



My passion for health and well-being began in competitive sport. As a high performance athlete and master coach for over 20 years, I learnt first-hand the rewards of training the body and mind.

My yoga journey began after I painfully herniated my back and was unable to walk.  In spite of my surgeon's prognosis that I had only 1% chance of healing without surgery, I chose not to have an operation and instead sought out yoga and meditation for healing. I was amazed at how quickly my health improved and I felt great again- the 1% chance of healing became a100% return to health!  As I returned to work, I wanted to share these practices that helped me reclaim my life, and devoted my personal time to practicing and teaching yoga.

Then one rainy night, walking with my sweet dog Dixie, a driver sped through the pedestrian crosswalk, and ran straight into us.
Our bodies flew and life turned upside down. In the face of my broken bones and PTSD, I turned to what had helped so much before, yoga and meditation. I was deeply grateful to discover that yoga met me in my place of greatest need, in my darkest times. The practices have guided me to a deeper connection and understanding of myself helping me find peace within the trauma, ease within persistent pain, and even in the midst life's struggles, an awareness to the preciousness and beauty of life.

The experience of profound healing was so powerfully transformative, I now devote my time to sharing all that I have been blessed to learn and come to undestand through my journey. I am grateful and honoured to have been teaching for almost 3 decades, and thrilled to meet and teach so many incredible people around the world!


Infinite blessings to you,



 Meet your teacher

Tianne Allan
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